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Hear Holocaust Survivor Sam Rind's Story at the MCC Human Books Event at Downtown Campus

Thanks to the assistance of the student leadership of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project, the Human Books Planning Team is pleased to announce that Sam Rind, a child survivor of the Holocaust, will be a "Human Book" at the Human Books Event at the Downtown Campus on April 18.

Sam Rind was born near Lublin, Poland, in 1937. Sam's family was in various ghettos and forced labor camps, where Sam's father was killed for the leather jacket on his back. Sam also witnessed his younger brother being killed in his mother's arms by a Nazi guard. He and his mother eventually escaped to the Ukranian ghetto of Szmerinka to be with other relatives. Sam had to dress as a girl to do this. At the end of the war, they returned to Poland to find relatives. Finding none, they formed a little kibbutz with other Jewish survivors, but eventually wanted to leave because of continued anti-Semitism. They were not permitted entry to the United States, where Sam's uncle lived, so they went to Bolivia to be with another one of Sam's uncles. In 1960, Sam was able to come to the US to attend college in Buffalo. He became an optician and is still in this profession today. CHAI recently published his memoir, A Tribute to Mom: We Survived Together (as told to Janet Goldman).

This is a popular event and sessions fill up quickly. Advance reservations are recommended. To schedule time to talk with Sam Rind and other "Human Books" visit:

Wilson, Alice
Human Books Event Planning Team