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TCC: Save the Date for the Facilitator's Workshop/Training in June

Designing and Facilitating Adult Learning and Development

Strong, responsive facilitation is not all we need to support adults as they learn – the design of that learning is equally important.   And if we believe that adults all come with the capacity to do the work involved in learning, it becomes critically important that we create designs that maximally support them. 

During the workshop, we will:

*         Explore assumptions – our own and others - about how adults learn.
*         Consider principles of adult learning and apply them to a learning design.
*         Evaluate the role of adult learning tasks in promoting authentic accountability.
*         Analyze and apply eight steps of design.
*         Consider the role of constructivist adult development as we design adult learning
*         Develop and receive feedback on a professional learning agenda.
*         Problem-solve common facilitation challenges

Monroe Community College Faculty and Staff

Monday and Tuesday             
June 12 and 13, 2017
8:30am – 4:30pm

Interested?  Contact Gena Merliss: <>

Gena Merliss
Teaching and Creativity Center