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MCC is Hosting the "Defamation Experience" on 10/29 - Eight (8) Complimentary Tickets Available!

The Workforce Diversity Network (WDN), Rochester region's leading resource on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, will present The Defamation Experience, on Monday, October 29th, right here at MCC.

Monday, October 29th
1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monroe A/B

Eight (8) complimentary tickets are available to MCC students and employees. Please contact Kristin Lowe for ticket information.

The Defamation Experience begins with a riveting courtroom drama that explores issues of race, class, religion, gender and the law with a twist: the audience is the jury. ​Combined with an audience deliberation and a facilitated discussion, The Defamation Experience is a unique opportunity for the community to engage in civil discourse about some of the most pressing social issues of our day.

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