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Eat Well, Live Well, Week Four

We have finished week four of Eat Well Live Well, so we are now halfway through the challenge.  We’ve now walked 20,676 miles, and eaten a total of 18,136 cups of fruits and vegetables.  The top team for cups of fruits and veggies is still Psychology, averaging 6.29 cups per day.  The Tough Mudders are heading up the pack for average steps now, at 17,570.06.

Sean Scanlon, Mark Lagana, and Suzanne Long are the top three walkers so far. 

The winner of week four’s Sodexo gift card is Jeanne Edkdahl from the Bioperambulators Team.  Congratulations Jeanne!

Nice job to all this week…

Need some extra steps? Join your fellow EWLW co-workers for an informal kickball game on Friday, April 11 from noon-1:00 pm at the indoor PAC Field, organized by Donna Burke. You can play or cheer folks on! It should be a great opportunity to get out and have some fun!

The Wellness Team
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