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Changes in Spam Filter Protection

MCC has seen a significant increase in phishing scams over the last several months. This past December MCC had 15 employees fall victim to these phishing exploits by giving out their credentials (username and password).  This has resulted in the college sending over 500,000 pieces of spam to millions of internet recipients.  As a consequence, MCC was listed on four major blacklists, and right now MCC has a very low reputation for mail hygiene, which will continue to cause problems with mail delivery until we can get things under control. 

MCC has increased our email spam filtering protection to its strongest level in response to the number of spam emails slipping into your inboxes.  With this change comes the possibility that legitimate emails may be blocked.  If you are expecting an email, but haven’t receive it, you should log into the spam filter at to see if it was mistaken for spam.  

Other measures CNS has put into place to help protect MCC’s email reputation:

1)      Identify and disable accounts when a threshold of 1000 emails are sent within one hour from an MCC’s user account.

2)      Disable links in phishing emails when brought to the attention of CNS via the Tech Support line at TECH (x8324).

3)      The last line of defense is you. Please do not give out your username and password.  MCC will not ask you for this information.  Use caution, think before you click.  By clicking on a link in your email, you may be infecting your PC with malware.

Donna Pogroszewski
Communications and Network Services