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403(b) Information

This is a friendly reminder that it’s time to think about your 403b account for next year.  Your goal amount will automatically roll over for next year if you are not putting more than the maximum of $16,500 into your account annually.  Also please note that if you started a new account in mid-year 2010, or if you made a change during the year, you may want to complete a new form.  Otherwise, whatever annual goal amount you submitted when you made your last change will roll over automatically, if it is $16,500 or under. 

We will be sending new forms to all those whose 2010 goal amounts are over $16,500, because you will need to submit a new form for 2011.  It will NOT automatically roll over if your goal amount was over $16,500 this year. 

You can get a new form if needed by downloading it from MCC Forms/HR, or by calling the HR office at Extension 2048.  Thank you.

The Human Resources Team
Human Resources