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Banner 9 Admin Pages

Ellucian has reported a "major issue" in a version of Admin Pages (what we refer to as Banner 9) that has been released but is not yet installed at MCC. The issue occurs in version 9.16, but MCC is on version Therefore, we should not experience the reported issue at this time. If you are using Admin Pages you should avoid sorting data in a grid until Ellucian implements a resolution. Below is the notice reported by Ellucian:

"We are aware of a level 2 defect in Banner Admin Common releases 9.3.16 and If you are not on these versions you are not impacted.

A critical issue has been identified with sorting records on Banner 9 admin pages. As of Banner Admin Common 9.3.16, sorting on fields in a grid may cause navigation and data corruption issues. After sorting on a grid, clicking on a record may cause the cursor to jump and move to an incorrect record. You can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate to the correct record; however, when updating data in a grid after sorting, the data may be corrupted as the cursor moves to an incorrect record.

We are currently working on a fix for this critical issue. You can prevent the issue by not sorting on grids when entering or updating data to minimize the risk of data corruption."

Fathergill, Robert
Computing & Information Technology Services