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Banner Materials on the M:Drive

A very large and comprehensive handbook on Banner--called the Banner
Bookshelf--resides on the MCC M:drive at:
. The handbook is in .pdf* format, and
is divided into chapters by Module and topic. When the handbook file is
opened, look for each area that has a"+" sign next to the name. Click on
the "+" sign to view the User Guide that contains a table of contents
for that area. Note: This documentation is very detailed, but it
provides good information about the Banner application. *You will need
Adobe Acrobat to open the Banner Bookshelf that is in .pdf (portable
document file) format.

Banner Overview Sessions--there are six remaining Banner general
overview sessions scheduled for the College Community. Please see the
schedule below. To date, a total of five sessions have been held at the
DCC, Brighton and PSTF locations.

6/9/2004 12 PM to 1 PM Board Room
6/16/2004 12 PM to 1 PM Board Room
6/17/2004 3 PM to 4 PM 3rd Floor Conference Room
6/21/2004 3 PM to 4 PM Board Room
6/30/2004 12 PM to 1 PM Board Room
7/14/2004 12 PM to 1 PM DCC: 5057

Please contact Marie Fetzner ( for additional

Marie Fetzner
ETS VP Office