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TCC: Invitation to join Frederick Douglass Reading Groups

Social researcher, policy advocate, journalist, publisher, presidential advisor, international diplomat, Frederick Douglass has roots deep in Rochester. Douglas continues to be the most foundational, influential African-American in US history.

Members of the MCC community, meeting four times through the semester, will receive and discuss his most recently published and definitive biography, Frederick Douglass, Prophet of Freedom; meet with his international family ancestors; participate in the inauguration of the Frederick Douglass Collaborative Leadership Center; and, explore ways in which elements of Douglass' life and accomplishments can be integrated into the content of courses in a variety of disciplines.

Brighton, TCC 12-201, 2:30 - 4, March 19

Downtown, TCC/FIC 404, 2:30 - 4, March 20

Future meetings will be chosen at the first meetings.

If you are interested in joining this engaging Reading Group, contact: Gena Merliss

Merliss, Eugenia
Teaching & Creativity Center