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Eat Well Live Well: Week Six News

Last Friday, April 11th at lunchtime in the PAC Center, Donna Burke organized a little kickball game for Eat Well, Live Well (EWLW) participants that had a big bang.  Those who participated had a ball (literally and figuratively!), and it didn’t matter what gender, age, fitness or skill level you had.  It was just plain fun, and a good way to get physically moving and get a lift in the middle of a workday.  Many thanks to Donna, and we hope to do fun things like that in the future.

Week Six was a successful one for EWLW.  The most improved teams for steps so far, comparing the first week to this week,  are Fit N’ Fine, The Stacked Deck, and DCC Student Services.  The two highest team participation rates are Psychology at 93.31%, and For the Record at 91.64%.   Way to go! 

The winner of this week’s participation drawing for a $10 Sodexo gift certificate is Anne Kirkpatrick from Damon City Campus.  Congratulations, Anne!

There are two more weeks to go in Eat Well, Live Well.  Let’s keep up the good work. 

The Wellness Team
Human Resources