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Q:  How do I connect to a printer in another office?

A:  If the printer is networked (able to be used by many users through the network), connecting to it is as simple as following these steps:

            Press START button

            In the box that says “Run” or “Search programs and files” type the following;

            HYPERLINK "
file:///\\mcc-b150"\\mcc-b150 (Brighton)        HYPERLINK "file:///\\mcc-d150"\\mcc-d150 (Damon)

            Hit Enter

            You will now see a listing of all printers connected to that network server, arranged by room number.  Locate your printer, then double-click on it.

            You will be asked if you trust this printer – click “install.”

Your PC will do the rest.  Be sure, when you are in the print screen for your document, that you have selected this new printer.

If you experience difficulties with any of these processes please call Tech Support at 292-TECH (8342) option 3, then 1 or submit a trouble report using myMCC, Tech Tab, and then click on “Report a Technology Problem to TECH.

Ask Tech Support aspires to publish a weekly article with your questions.  Send your questions to us at  We will pick one each week for the next publication of “Ask Tech Support.”

Pat Murphy-Golden
Communications and Network Services