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Luminis Retirement

By March 15 you will notice that tabs will be disappearing from the old myMCC web portal (the one located at This is due to very old technology being used called "Luminis". The Luminis portal will be phased out fairly soon, as its functionality has been moved to the new Blackboard portal (

The first steps will be the removal from the Luminis portal of the following tabs by the end of this week:


MCC Association

My Stuff

Some of these tabs are currently not visible to everyone. You can access the new portal through the MCC website ( by clicking on the Employees link at the bottom, and then the myMCC link, or by going directly to

If you stored bookmarks to MCC or other websites on the My Stuff tab, make sure you have copies of them elsewhere.

If you discover any issues or concerns, please share them in a Tech Request.

Fathergill, Robert
Computing & Information Technology Services