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NYS Teachers' Retirement System Members Workshops

The 2018 NYSTRS' Pension & Retirement Education Program (PREP) summer workshop schedule is now available for NYS Teachers' Retirement System members. Regardless of how far into the future you plan to retire, the workshops are designed to help members of all ages.

The workshops will cover a variety of topics (as listed in the schedule) allowing you to pick and choose what you would like to focus on. PREP seminars are free, and sessions are held throughout the year across the state. The summer 2018 PREP schedule is attached below. Instructions for making reservations, which will be accepted in the order they are received, are included on the schedule.

Members interested in attending a benefits consultation with NYSTRS can do so year-round. At these one-on-one meetings, staff review the retirement process, explain payment options and provide members with benefit estimates for their target retirement dates.

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TRS PREP - retirement seminar schedule summer 2018 flyer.pdf

Bureau, Suzanne
Human Resources