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Avoid Valentine's Day Scams

Even though it's Valentine's Day, not every valentine is filled with sweet words or candy- sometimes they're filled with tricks and traps!

Don't fall for scammer's tricks; protect yourself with these easy tips:

1)      Emails with a link to an online greeting card or Valentine's Day website may attempt to download malware onto your computer. If you get a Valentine's Day email from someone you don't know, don't follow the link!

2)      Emails notifying you that the gifts or flowers you ordered can't be delivered because of a problem with your credit card. The email may redirect you to a spoofed website and try to get you to enter your credit card details

3) Flirty instant messages from an automated "flirting bot".  Using the promise of more seductive material, these bots will try to collect the  victim's credit card information under the premise of verifying that the victim is of legal age to access the material.
Happy Valentine’s Day!  

Donna Pogroszewski
Communications and Network Services