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TCC: Registration now open for the June 2019 Teaching & Learning Conference

The Teaching and Creativity Center invites you to the 2019 Teaching & Learning Conference on Friday, June 14:

Sustaining the Professional Self

None of us will deny that the work we do is meaningful and, of course, rewarding. What we might not readily admit is that this work is also hard--and hard on us in so many different ways. Whether you are nearing the end of your career, just at the beginning, or somewhere in the middle, chances are you have felt mired or undone at times.

Recognizing the need to disconnect--at least for a little while--from whatever is distracting and troublesome, this year's Teaching & Learning Conference will be in the form of a half-day retreat, offering you the time and the space to reflect, connect with others, disconnect from burdens, and replenish yourself at the end of a busy year.


8:30-9:00 Registration and breakfast

9:00-Noon Main session/workshop led by Donna Burke

Noon-12:45 Lunch

1:00-2:00ish Activity of your choice

  • Cooking Class
  • Creative Writing workshop
  • Deep relaxation and labyrinth walk
  • Kickball
  • Art session
  • Open swim
  • Line dancing
  • Movie
  • Knitting circle
  • Chemistry experiment
  • Un-activity quiet space in library (for reading, etc.)

Please register by June 6:

All professional staff and faculty are welcome!

Download attached flyer to promote and display.

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Sustaining the Professional Self 2019.pdf

Burtner, Amy
Teaching and Creativity Center