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Middle States Teams Take on the Steering Committee

Team Faculty, in a show of strength and solidarity, stands united and proud in the photo below as they prepare to turn in their interim report for Standard 10.  According to their leader, Ray Shea, “We’ve heard that Steering Committee is a tough bunch, and we just want everyone to know that we’re ready for them.” 

On a side note, rumor has it that after weeks of wielding their pens as swords, the teams might just be beating down the Steering Committee.  During a recent four-hour marathon meeting, pleas were heard from the co-chairs for chocolate.  However, as the Steering Committee prepares to finish off the last of the interim reports, they vow to hang in there until the end.        

Members of the Standard 10: Faculty team pictured below (l to r) are Ray Shea, team captain, Business Administration; Karen Coffey, steering committee liaison, VaPA; Kimberley Martello, Mathematics; Carmen Powers, Business Administration/Economics; Philip Snyder, English/Philosophy; Eileen Lanzafame, Transitional Studies; Audrey Bopp; Nursing; Brenda Embrey, Health Professions; and Rosanna Condello, Public Affairs. Missing from picture: Alberta Lee, Human Resources.

Christine Abbott/Valarie Avalone
Middle States Co-Chairs