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Q:  HELP! I accidentally deleted some files that I didn’t mean to delete! Is there some way to get them back?

A:  Don’t panic!  Help is no farther away than your keyboard.  Windows 7 has got you covered with a feature which allows you to restore files to their previous versions for up to ten days in the past.  Go to the folder in which your file (or folder) was listed.  Right click on that folder and select “Restore Previous Versions.”  Select a date you want to use to restore your folder to, and then click “Restore.”  You will be asked if you are sure you want to use that date.  Select yes (or no, whichever is appropriate) and let the system do its thing.

An important thing to remember is that, if you restore a folder to a previously saved version, you may lose data that you filed between that previously saved version and the time you lost your files.  In other words, if you created a document this morning, saved it, accidentally deleted another file, and then restored to a previous version, your document that was created today will be gone. 

Before using the “Restore previous version” feature, it might be prudent to file any new work in another temporary folder until your restore is completed.

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Pat Murphy-Golden
Communications and Network Services