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Missing student emails?

The college employs email security appliances to inspect all incoming messages for spam and other potentially malicious content before either delivering them to faculty and staff mailboxes or re-directing them to their spam junk box ( Messages from students ( addresses) are subject to this standard message hygiene inspection, and as such may be routed to your junk box if they fail any of several layers of message and content inspection.

While these email security appliances are highly effective at separating legitimate messages from spam or other malicious content, there always exists the possibility that a message will be erroneously filtered (false positive) or delivered (false negative).

For this reason, we encourage users to inspect their junk boxes regularly, especially in situations where anticipated messages are not being received as expected. From the junk box, messages can be quickly delivered to user inboxes in the event that false positives are encountered.

If you would like to automatically receive periodic summary notifications so you can check for false positive emails, you can configure your spam junk box to do so on a frequency of your choice. The instructions are below:

  • Log into your Junk Box by visiting in a web browser
  • Authenticate with your MCC Network Account credentials
  • Under System Setup -> Junk Box Management, click Summary Notifications
  • Uncheck the "Adhere to system defaults" box
  • Select the how often to receive notifications with the Frequency of summaries drop-down box
  • The Time of day and Day of week drop-down boxes may also be used to allow granular control when the summaries will be received
  • Select GMT -5 Eastern Time in the Time Zone drop-down box
  • If a plain non-graphical summary is desired, check the Plain summary box
  • Select whether to include all messages in the Junk Box in the summary, or to hide messages classified as "definite junk"
  • Click the Apply Changes button to save this configuration. Junk Box summaries will begin to be generated and sent via email at the configured interval

Wirley, Eileen
Technology Services - AVP Office