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Blackboard Training Level 1 & Level 2 courses now available; everyone welcome!

The Office of Online Learning is very pleased to announce that the second course of our new PHASE ONE  training program is AVAILABLE!  “Level 2”

Training has been developed for Blackboard Learn to meet the needs of faculty wanting to web enhance a face-to-face course, or who want to be certified to teach a hybrid and/or a fully online course.   The courses use an open, self-paced design to target several different audiences.

·         Those who have never taught online before

·         Those who have taught online but not using Blackboard Learn 9

·         Those who have taught in Blackboard but not with Monroe Community College

·         Those who are already MCC certified but would like a refresher.

We will have 3 main courses.  They are designed to be taken in sequence and build on each other.  Select the pedagogy method you wish to use in your course and take the number of courses necessary to be certified at that level.  Blackboard has many features and tools available to you. The tool sets we feature in training have been carefully selected to provide a comprehensive cross section appropriate for each pedagogical method currently identified here at Monroe Community College. You are not limited to the tool sets featured, however completion of training is required for the pedagogical methods MCC has defined: Web Enhanced, Hybrid, Fully On-Line.

Hybrid: Level 2 (Interactive)

Level 2:  Interaction and Assessment - Reviews the different avenues for interaction in Blackboard Learn, and the various assessment techniques made available. Participants will be able to create, configure and deploy discussions, tests, and assignments to students. 

Pre-requisite: MCC Web Enhanced/Level 1 Certification

To register for Level 2: Email

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Level 1 continues to be available!  If you are interested in registering for Level 1: Email

Level 1: Introduction to Blackboard Learn: Navigating and Creating Content - Addresses the basics of navigating and customizing your course shell and explores how to create, configure, modify and organize course content in a meaningful way. 

Coming Soon:  Level 3: Fully Online Courses

Level 3: Teaching and Managing Your Course using Advanced Tools and Practices – Focuses on using Blackboard Learn as a management tool. This course will cover how to configure the Grade Center to meet your needs, collect students’ submissions, and monitor student progress.  Course Evaluation Methods using the Performance Dashboard, Course Reports, and Retention Center will be presented.

Pre-requisite: Hybrid/Level 2 Certification

Additional Learning Opportunities:
For all of our Blackboard Training opportunities, please visit the Online Learning “For Faculty” training and support  web page:

Martha Kendall
Office of Online Learning