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Even the safest web browsing habits can lead to an infection on your computer?  It’s true!  Malware is a battleground between computer users and those that want to profit from an unsuspecting user.  This type of software can find its way onto your computer from trusted sites.  These sites are the ones that you look at every day.  The infection typically comes from the advertisers that are shown everywhere on web pages.  Once you innocently browse to a site that has an infected advertiser, you can become the unwilling owner of an infected computer.  The latest in malware that is infecting computers is known as ransomware. 

The ransomware will seemingly threaten you with FBI warnings and can even take your picture and place it on the screen.  The software will then restrict your access to the data until you “pay the ransom” for removing it from your computer.  Be assured, the FBI is not tracking you and they do not want your money to unlock your computer!  If you find your MCC computer is locked by a ransomware virus, please call the Technology Help Desk (x8324) to have a technician visit your computer to clean it.

David Lane
Communications & Network Services