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965 Mailboxes later…

Out with the old…

At this point in time, the old AVST voicemail platform has been decommissioned and is no longer accessible. If you have not transitioned to the new Cisco Unity voicemail system, please contact telecom at ext. 2076 to arrange a new mailbox.

In with the new…

As of Friday January 11th, the pilot number for the new Cisco Unity voicemail system will be changed from its temporary number of 7500 to the well-known 8300, and the menu will no longer be heard when you call in from off campus. 

To summarize…

As of Friday, you can access your new Cisco Unity voicemail any one of three ways:

·         Press the “Messages” key on your desk phone (just like you always have).
·         Dial 8300 from remote locations on campus.
·         Dial 292-8300 from off campus (no longer need to select an option).

If you have questions, concerns or would like training / color brochures, please contact Telecommunications by dialing ext. 2076.

Bradley Roehrig
Communications and Network Services