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Money: Doesn't it grow on trees? Presentation Today

Okay, so technically money is made of paper and paper comes from trees, so I guess it's kinda complicated.

What's not complicated however, is learning how to wisely manage the money you do have! Join us for an informative financial literacy presentation entitled, Credit Reports, Scores, and all that Fun Stuff!

The topic of credit can be daunting when you consider everything involved. With so many changes and regulations, it's difficult to have a solid grasp of things such as credit scores, credit reports, and what is considered good credit. Through Credit Reports, Scores, and all that Fun Stuff consumers learn how to order their credit report, how to read their credit report, how to dispute and correct inaccurate credit reporting information, how to repair and rebuild damaged credit, and strategies for debt management.

This is a session you do not want to miss! The session is being presented by a Consumer Credit Counseling Services representative, and will be held in room 3-115 of the Brighton Campus.

Refreshments will be served. Hope to see you there!

Patterson, Vilma
Student Services - DC