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Phishing Email Scams

This is an important follow-up to last week’s broadcast on phishing scams.

If you responded to either of those phishing attempts, please change your password, immediately. 

The criminals will use your account to send spam, thereby putting the college email system at risk of being blacklisted.  Blacklist refers to a list of e-mail or IP addresses known to send spam and other type of unsolicited messages.   Blacklisted sites are shut down by legitimate email services; blocked in order to improve mail security and integrity. 

Due to last week’s phishing attacks, MCC has been blacklisted on two separate occasions.   

Removal from the blacklist may take hours once we know that MCC has been added.

Unfortunately, we will be seeing more phishing scams in the future, and knowing how to identify them is important. 

Please know that MCC/ETS will not send you any emails with a link that directs you to an off-campus web address to gather personal information such as your username and password, and that MCC/ETS will only send you notifications about email quotas from an address that ends in

To learn more on how to identify a phishing email, go to:

If you need assistance in changing your password, please contact the Technical Support Desk at 292-8324 (TECH) option 3, option 1

Donna Pogroszewski
Communications and Network Services