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Chemistry Students: Undergraduate Research, Student Awards, and Outreach

Two organic chemistry students - Charles Fennie and Peter Thayer - will be doing cutting-edge research this summer at the University of Rochester (UR) under the supervision of Professors Brian Edelbach (MCC) and Patrick Holland (UR).  Funding for this endeavor will come from a three-year, $430,000 National Science Foundation (NSF) grant titled “Nitrene Transfer Reactions with Iron Complexes” with Professor Holland as the principal investigator (PI) and Professor Edelbach as co-PI.   Charles and Peter will also have an opportunity to present their research at the regional meeting of the American Chemical Society.   MCC involvement in the NSF grant arose out of conversations between Professors’ Edelbach and Holland.   Professor Edelbach (a UR alum) proactively searches for undergraduate research opportunities for his students and approached Professor Holland about including funding for MCC students in his grant proposal.  Given the current emphasis NSF is putting on promoting community college involvement in undergraduate research, Prof. Holland saw MCC involvement as a win-win for both the UR and MCC.

Recently, the Chemistry/Geosciences department honored three students for their outstanding achievement in general and organic chemistry.  First, Janice Malay and Kyle Walker were given the 2010 Chemistry Achievement Award.  Professor Henzel presented each with a copy of the 90th edition of the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.  Second, Charles Fennie was selected as the Outstanding Organic Chemistry Student and given “Molecules that Changed the World” by Professor Edelbach.  Janice and Charles are intending to pursue a medical degree, and Kyle is planning to transfer to SUNY Brockport and become a veterinarian. 

On May 28, 14 students and faculty visited the RSCD School #6 to work with a third grade class.  During the outreach (sponsored by the Chemistry Club under the direction of Professors Anderson and Gulde), the participants worked with pairs of students on hands-on activities that explored acid-base chemistry concepts.  Professor Edelbach reinstated the Chemistry Club in 2003-2004 and at that time began the outreach program to School #6.   Over the past 6 years, over 50 students and faculty have enjoyed sharing their love of science to the students in Ms. Meg Ives’ classroom. 

Lydia Tien
Chemistry & Geosciences