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Curriculum Postings

The following curriculum proposals are being posted for your review for the period June 9 through June 22. You can view them by clicking on

CD11S   NUR 071 Fundamentals of Nursing Review
CD12S   NUR 072 Preparation for NUR 112
CD13S   NUR 073 Maternal Child Nursing Review
CD14S   ELT 141 Telecommunication Electronics
CD15S   ELT 140 Telecommunication Electricity
CD16S   TLC 112 Fiber Optic Measurements
CD17S   TLC 202 Telecommunications IV
CD18S   TLC 201 Telecommunications III
CR87S   TLC 101 Telecommunications I
CR88S   TLC 111 Fiber Installation and Maintenance
CR89S   TLC 102 Telecommunications II
PR22S   Telecommunications Services Technology

Elsie V. Beach
Curriculum & Program Development