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Women Entrepreneurship Week: Purpose Driven Woman w/Tanishia Johnson, Founder, Beyond This Moment (Monday)

Faculty, Staff, Students, please join us Monday, October 15, 3-4pm: Downtown Campus, High Falls A

Workshop: The Purpose Driven Boss Woman

w/Tanishia Johnson, Founder, Life Coach/Consultant, Beyond This Moment

In this engaging workshop, women will walk away with an overview of how to begin looking at their talents and gifts in order to create a goal setting plan of action to start a business. Let's discuss uncovering your purpose and how to ensure your goals are in alignment with your plan. Tips/tools and resources will be provided for current entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs looking to get started.

All attendees will receive a life coaching gift certificate for a free 1:1 consultation.

The 1st five attendees will receive a free ticket to the March 30th, 2019 Beyond This Moment Conference: Authentic Sisterhood...Let the healing begin!

Monday, October 15, 3-4pm: Downtown Campus, High Falls A

MCC is joining over 150 colleges and universities in 29 countries and 45 states participating in Women Entrepreneurship Week (WEW), a global movement to celebrate and inspire female founders. To review general information regarding this event, please visit and

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