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Extreme Info Challenge

Welcome to the Extreme Info Challenge! The MCC Libraries offer a host of access points to the world of knowledge, some you might know of, others might be new to you.  So come and test your information-seeking skills with these monthly puzzles. 

This is the first of several monthly puzzles. All MCC students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate. Please send your answers electronically ONLY to <<>> by Sunday, October 19, 2008, and indicate Extreme Info Challenge in the subject box. Do not forget to include your full name and phone number, so we can contact you if you are the lucky winner.

From the pool of correct answers, each month, one student competitor will be selected by random drawing and awarded an MCC bookstore gift certificate; one participating faculty or staff member will receive a token award.


List all the book titles, written by Alexander McCall Smith, and owned by MCC Libraries.

[Hint: Find the answer in the MCC Libraries online catalog.]

The correct answer to the puzzle and the winner’s name will be published in MCC Daily Tribune with the next Extreme Info Challenge.

Good luck!

Stephanie Hranjec
MCC Libraries