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Welcome to Administrative Services

Effective May 24, 2010, Ray Shea and some of his current staff will become members of the Administrative Services Division.  Those joining Ray will be Paula Burnside, his administrative assistant, from the office of the Assistant to the President; Valarie Avalone, Director of Planning and her administrative assistant, Lynn Rivers.  The new department is called Institutional Planning, Effectiveness and Accountability.   Ray will lead the department as the Assistant Vice President reporting to Hezekiah Simmons, Vice President, Administrative Services Division.

We believe this transfer of responsibility and skill set will be quite synergistic with the various departments within the Administrative Services Division.  As stated by President Kress, “In light of changes in accountability measures, one of the college’s greatest needs is the ability to tie planning—in all forms—to resource allocation to institutional effectiveness.”  This combination of institutional planning (the strategic plan and the master plan), budgeting and accounting facilitates a total integration of responsibilities/relationships that will effectively enable planning, monitoring and assessment of the effectiveness of the college.    

Please join me in welcoming Ray, Paula, Valarie and Lynn to the Administrative Services Division.

Heze Simmons, Vice President
Administrative Services