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Miracles can happen… but sometimes they need a little help!

Diane Dawson of ETS: Instructional Technologies has a wonderful son, Dave, who at 3 days old had to undergo surgery to have one functioning kidney.  As he grew, one of his kidneys grew while the other did not.  Miraculously through the years, Dave grew!  All his life he has dealt with kidney disease, and with the support of his family, friends, and medical care, he has been able to be active in sports and dreams of being a professional athlete. However, within the past year, Dave has stopped growing and his kidney is failing. He now takes growth hormone to maintain his health and to help him to grow. For now, co-payments for this medicine are upwards of $1,000.00/month.  He and his family are now forced to consider dialysis three times a week or to look for a donor.  Luckily, a donor match was found in Diane’s sister, Kathy.  Nevertheless, transplants and health care are expensive, not to mention the 2 months Kathy has to take off from work to give this incredible gift.  Therefore, we are looking to give Diane’s family a little bit of the MCC Family spirit.  If you are willing to contribute towards this worthy cause, you may send a donation to Ellen Mancuso x 2313 (ETS Libraries), Stephanie Allen x2561/ Melissa Burley x3440 (ETS Instructional Services), Pamela Kone x3729 (Applied Technologies Center) or Karen Frantz x2359 (Student Support \Services).

Ellen Mancuso
ETS Libraries