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Recent Lockdown Drill on the Brighton Campus

We know that members of the MCC community have been affected by the miscommunication regarding Tuesday's lockdown drill on the Brighton Campus, and we are sorry. Counselors are available on campus for any students or employees who need assistance. Please contact Assistant Director E. Jamall Watkins in Counseling Services at the Brighton Campus, or Dean of Students Ann Topping at the Downtown Campus if you would like to speak with a counselor.

Our focus and concern are the health and safety of MCC's students and employees. We have taken action both to address the cause of this incident and to ensure that future drills are clearly identified. Public Safety is also increasing its outreach to our College community to hear input into and improve its processes and it will provide additional training opportunities to students and employees.

Again, we apologize for the manner in which this drill was conducted and for the serious concerns it raised on and away from our campus."

President Anne M. Kress and Chief of Public Safety Tony Perez

Kress, Anne
Office of the President & Department of Public Safety