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League Conference Presenters

Many thanks go to the MCC volunteers and presenters at last week's League for Innovation in the Community Colleges' "Innovations" conference in New York City. The presentations, listed below, were well received and the organizational support provided by the MCC volunteers contributed to an incredibly successful conference.

Elizabeth Laidlaw
Creating a Collegewide Critical-Thinking Assessment Plan

Thomas Flynn
Recommendations From NCSD Toward the Future Vitality of Student Development Services

Gary Thompson and Susan Bender
Securing the Homeland Through Service Learning and Civic Engagement

Brenda Babitz
Trend Bending: Community College Fundraising in the 21st Century

Ellen Mancuso and Peter Genovese
Organizing an Effective Student Workforce in the MCC Libraries

Holly Wheeler, Donna Cox and Susan Belair
Assessment in Cyberspace: Tips and Strategies for Grading Online

John Perrone, Homeland Security in the Community College--HSE.CC: First Responder Training Solutions

Gary Thompson, Laurence Feasel and Michael Nolan
Just Write! Underprepared Students Succeed in a Learning Community

Richard Degus and Valarie Avalone
Transforming Your Institution: An Integrated Planning Model

Brenda Babitz and Diane Shoger
Building on Success: Lessons Learned From Our Second Major Capital Initiative

Harry Merryman and Ann White
Career as Story: New Directions for Career Counseling and Development

Carol Burritt and Sean Baker
Leveraging Manila for Learning: The Swiss Army Knife of Web Development for Faculty, Staff, and Students

Thomas DiGiacomo
Producing Interactive Virtual Instrumentation for Science, Math, and Technology

Charlotte Downing and Stuart Blacklaw
Transforming Curriculum Development From Paper Stacks to Cyberspace

Susan Salvador
Vice President, Student Services