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Fire Drill Schedule for the Brighton Campus

In accordance with New York State Law, Monroe Community College must conduct
fire drills each year. The schedule for the Fall 2002 semester is as follows:

Wednesday, September 25, 2002 at 7:00 p.m.
Monday, September 30, 2002 at 9:50 a.m.

The purpose is to educate the college community on the proper method to exit
the college buildings should an emergency arise. As fire drills are now
announced in advance, please take the opportunity to discuss the schedule with
others in your office and classroom.

Please remember that it takes a group effort to make a quick and safe
evacuation of the building. Once everyone is out of the room, close all windows
and doors. Shut off the lights, leave the building and get away from the
buildings and exit the courtyards.

Emergency Assembly Areas provide an area of temporary refuge for the
handicapped during an emergency or evacuation process. These areas are
generally located near or at a stair tower. A blue sign inscribed with white
lettering, "Emergency Assembly Area", identifies each Emergency Assembly Area.
The handicapped will gather at the following locations:

Building #1:
Second floor, west side, next to stairwell, overlooking the Bus Loop
Next to 1-300

Building #2:
Plaza Level, Library Lobby, West Side
Opposite 2-296
Opposite 2-320
Opposite 2-496

Building #5:
Opposite 5-202
Next to 5-222
Opposite 5-302
Next to 5-322
Opposite 5-402
Next to 5-422
Next to 5-502
Next to 5-524

Building #6:
Next to 6-400

Building #8:
Next to 8-202
Next to 8-222
Next to 8-302
Next to 8-322
Next to 8-402
Next to 8-424
Next to 8-502
Next to 8-524
Next to 8-602
Next to 8-624

Building #11:
Opposite 11-211
Opposite 11-295B
Opposite 11-310
Opposite 11-396A

Building #12:
Opposite 12-213
Opposite 12-295A

There will also be one surprise fire drill. Thank you in advance for your
continued support. If you should have any questions or concerns, feel free to
contact me at ext. 3150.

Martin E. Gilmore
Supervisor of Safety and Training