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Branding Update: Results of Our Marketing Research

With the completion of our marketing research in May, MCC took a big step forward in its brand revitalization process. Research is helping us better understand how key groups perceive MCC, including traditional (under 25) and non-traditional (25 and older) students. It is also helping us identify marketing opportunities and ways to differentiate MCC from our competition.

Feedback from students, employees, trustees, alumni, high school counselors, parents and employers has been analyzed along with the marketing messages of local colleges and universities.  Here is a small sample of what we learned and confirmed:

·         Many students praise the quality of our faculty and their willingness to work with students and aid in their success.

·         The idea that MCC “is just like high school” or “the 13th grade is still widespread among prospective students.

·         Once people experience the college, their perception, especially in regard to the overall quality of academics, improves.

·         High school counselors tell their students that MCC is a good school and an excellent option, but they do not recommend MCC to their top students.

·         Employers say MCC has fantastic facilities and offers a much broader range of programs in the trade/middle-skill area as compared to other community colleges.

·         Employees noted the lack of internal communication and how MCC’s local reputation needs to be strengthened.

Research has confirmed why students choose MCC and how parents and high school counselors are key influencers in that decision-making process. It has also confirmed how faculty impact the student experience and differentiate MCC—taking expectations of a good education to unanticipated levels of excellence.

Preliminary creative concepts—including a refreshed college logo—will be introduced across the college later this month. Watch for more frequent branding updates. We look forward to sharing more with you soon and welcome your questions at any time.

Sue Tingey & Rosanna Condello
Marketing Communications & College and Community Relations