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Fifteen years of fun/Of culture and fellowship/Words worth the effort

For the 15th consecutive year, various staff from the 3rd floor of the Spina Administration Building celebrated National Poetry Month (April) with a haiku slam on Wednesday, April 22, 2015. We thought we'd share our work with the college community.  This tied in nicely to the President’s Wednesday Message that same day honoring April as both National Poetry Month and Mathematics Awareness Month.

(For those of you new to haiku, haiku is a very stylized form of poetry consisting of three line phrases with 5 / 7 / 5 syllables respectively.  The theme is typically seasonal– i.e., passing of winter, arrival of spring.)

Change is really here/Progress is significant/Embrace the future

I miss my old friends/But truly enjoy new ones/Life flutters around

Open the windows/Breathe and enjoy the fresh air/Spring is upon us

Pink, wiggly, wet worm/Comes forth from its hallowed ground/Red breasted bird bait

Oh white daffodil/Your yellow cousins envy/Your crisp complexion

No more the cold touch/And biting slap of winter/Caress my cheek Spring

Haiku slam today/Blossom trees yet to blossom/My verse a bare branch

It’s April, Mary/So, how does your garden grow?/With warmth and goodness

When James Hansen spoke/about climate change crisis/students were listening

Come on daffodil!/Open so the bees can drink/Golden blooms on green

It’s spring, Graduates!/Time to get your caps and gowns/You will change the world!

Wedding in August/Too, too many decisions/Only one matters

August wedding day/The bride and sun are shining/The groom drenched in sweat

Hard work. Kind spirit/What impression will you leave?/What will last past this?

City park pigeons/Joggers’ Nikes pounding past/Coo, coo, coo. Haiku

Webs above dust below/Bright sun on cloudy windows/Don’t look keep reading

Jeff Bartkovich
Academic Services