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Professor Melany J. Silas Hosts Angela Davis

Professor Melany J. Silas will host the legendary activist and scholar Angela Davis in November at East High School Auditorium. The scholar will be the keynote speaker for Professor Silas’ “An Evening of Empowerment” event, expounding on the theme: Community Empowerment. Awards will be given to a number of community leaders including: Adam McFadden, Gaynelle Wethers, Hanif Abdul-Wahid and more. Professor Tokeya C. Graham will serve as the Mistress of Ceremony.

Discounted tickets, through MCC Diversity Council sponsorship can be purchased at the Thomas Flynn Service Desk at Brighton Campus (Bldg 3, 1st Floor) and at Damon City Campus Bookstore (4th Floor).

Congratulations Professor Silas on another MJS Productions Event.

Melany J. Silas

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