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Encourage Your Students to Join Phi Theta Kappa

Greetings MCC Faculty and Staff,

Thank you so much for all you do to facilitate an environment for academic achievement at MCC. As a new semester begins, we want to emphasize the important role you play in encouraging eligible students to join Phi Theta Kappa. The required cumulative GPA is 3.60 or higher. You will receive a list in February of eligible students who are in your class.

What you can do to help
* Encourage students in your classes who are eligible to join Phi Theta Kappa
* Take some extra time to talk to an eligible Phi Theta Kappa student one-on-one about the benefits of joining Phi Theta Kappa

Benefits to students for joining Phi Theta Kappa
* Scholarship opportunities
* Leadership, networking, and service opportunities

Why we need your help
* Students may not know about Phi Theta Kappa or understand what it is
* Students may miss emails sent from Phi Theta Kappa
* You may be the difference in influencing a student to join Phi Theta Kappa, which could help them with their future college education

Thank you for your support of Phi Theta Kappa! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (585) 292-2567 or <> .

Phi Theta Kappa,
Vice President Membership, Margaret De La Rosa Nunez
Vice President Membership, Kaitlin Hawkins-Rush
Membership Chair, Catrice Adu
Membership Chair, Christopher Scheitinger

Maryjane Starr
Office of Student Life & Leadership Development