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President's Wednesday Message

Anyone reading this blog knows that I love National Poetry Month. This year, I wanted to share a short, captivating poem by Todd Boss. Boss is known for his bare and lean poems that often seem to cascade in a rush from stanza to stanza. In addition to writing award-winning poetry, he is a producer of films about poetry, an artist who creates multi-media installations including poetry, and a librettist and lyricist. In the spirit of the busyness of spring, I thought I'd share Boss's poem "We Tend to Sleep Better When the Clock Is Wound."

We Tend to Sleep Better When the Clock is Wound
by Todd Boss

than we do
when it's all

wound down.
I don't know

why we settle
to the sound.

the regular

click and chime
of passing time,

like water, turns
a water wheel

that turns a gear
that turns a stone

that turns upon
another stone

and fine
and finer in between

our dreams like grain
are ground.

What is one of your favorite poems? I hope you share it in the comments on the blog in honor of National Poetry Month.

Kress, Anne
Office of the President