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SUNY Impact Grant Awarded

The MCC Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) has been awarded a $33,622 grant from the SUNY Impact Foundation to fund an EOP Geosciences project. The EOP program will partner with the MCC Chemistry and Geosciences department to implement the project. The project will introduce EOP students to careers in the geosciences through hands-on activities both in local natural environments and during a 10-day trip to the mid-west. The grant provides travel funding for up to 8 students to participate in GEO 295 which includes 10 weeks of lecture classes followed by 10 days in the field exploring Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and parts of Utah. A significant portion of the coursework will be completed in the field with iPads (also funded through the Foundation). Students will record their observations, data, and experiences and incorporate them into a personal blog. The blog is designed to synthesize student experiences as well as improve writing skills. EOP students are often prohibited from participating in courses such as GEO 295 due to familial financial constraints. The structured research and travel will enable EOP students to broaden their personal perspectives about careers and life choices.

Smith, Brenda
Educational Opportunity Program