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MCC Faculty and Staff Earn AAC&U VALUE InstituteCertification

Congratulations to members of the MCC faculty and staff for completing the Association of American Colleges and University's 2020 VALUE Institute Calibration Training. As Certified VALUE Institute Scorers, they have demonstrated their capacity for effective assessment of student achievement in an array of learning outcomes. This year's successful participants (and their respective learning outcomes) include:

Pamela Fornieri (ESOL/TRS) Intercultural Knowledge and Competence
Catharine Ganze-Smith (English-Philosophy) Written Communication
Susan Hall (Curriculum & Program Development) Critical Thinking
Binh-Yen Nguyen (Information & Computer Technology) Quantitative Literacy

Participation in this program was made possible through AAC&U's Strengthening Guided Pathways and Career Success by Ensuring Students Are Learning grant.

Michael Jacobs
Humanities & Social Sciences