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Gretta's Stopped Pouting and Wants to Send Her Love to All

Good morning everybody!

Here’s a recent picture of Ollie, my younger brother, and me.

I love being with my friends around the College whom I knew last semester (my mom says I’m getting much better with my writing) and with all the new people I have met this semester! Did you know a whole bunch of other therapy dogs are joining me at MCC in the library on May 15 and at the MCC Field Day event on May 31. Hope we get to see lots of you.

Now, to the important matte r— why I have been pouting and why I haven’t written to all of you in a while. Can you guess? Think about i t… Who is your favorite MCC therapy dog?

How did you recognize her as such on National Dog Appreciation Day in March.

To ensure you feel really guilty, see the following video to look what you might have done for me:

So, Mom told me I have to continue to love all of you and that you show me every day (by your pets, hugs, and smiles) how much you love me. Like I don’t know that.

Now, want the real story:

Mom’s been too lazy to let me write to you until now, and she wanted ME to take the hit for that and made up this drama.

In MY book, every day is really MCC Appreciation Day; let’s make Monday and Tuesday days to show or tell someone you know at MCC how much you appreciate him/her, and I’ll continue to see as many of you as I can every day to share my love and bring you comfort or a smile.

Luv,  Gretta

Kathy O'Shea

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