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Hit paws on your busy life and take a pet break.

The MCC Wellness Council is hosting a virtual pet contest! Send us a picture of your pet, or you and your pet, and let us know what category you want the picture entered in. (Send your pictures to (If your pet was ever on a dating website, that is a picture we want!) Once we have collected the pictures, we will post them on the Wellness Council Facebook page on 10/28, 10/29, and 10/30, for the MCC public to vote on ( ). The picture with the most "likes" wins the category. Voting ends at 4:15 PM 10/30.

We will try to find some prizes, but you will certainly win bragging rights.


  • Pet looks most like their owner
  • Oddest (do you relax with your iguana or perhaps a cockatoo?)
  • Cutest (who comes up with these!?)
  • Best costume (dress your pet, or you and your pet, in creative Halloween costumes)

Send your pictures to and remember to let us know what category you are entering. Encourage your work friends to vote both for the contest and for the upcoming presidential election (we're not sure which is more important).

Kevin Simmons
Wellness Council