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Starfish News - Thank You!

This semester's Starfish Attendance Survey was another success. Thank you to all faculty who participated. There were over 1550 flags raised for about 1160 students regarding attendance issues as a result of the survey! Our busy team of staff responders continues to rely on this invaluable early insight in their ongoing outreach with students.

For our online students, there were over 1100 "Never Logged In" flags raised. These are automatic flags generated based on student course activity in Blackboard. Thanks to the Starfish messages and staff phone calls these students received, all but 93 of these flags have been resolved!

The next survey, the Academic Progress Survey, will open on September 26.

Faculty and staff can always raise flags and kudos manually for their students in Starfish, even when there is no survey open. One of these is the "Student Needs Course Materials: Outreach Requested" flag. This flag will not be included in the next survey, but is available to be raised manually in Starfish if you notice a student who still does not have the required textbooks for a class. We try to time outreach for this flag around the bookstore credit, which is available until September 21. Feel encouraged to raise this and other flags and kudos for your students anytime in Starfish!

As always, please send along any questions or concerns about the use of Starfish to John Kulak, Thank you again for all your hard work!

Kulak, John
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