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A student who desires to get involved in a short term credit bearing work experience (paid or unpaid) to help identify a future career has the option to enroll in MCC’s Experienced Based Learning course (EBL 101) for one semester--fall, spring, or summer.

EBL is a perfect alternative to more formal ways of seeking a career work experience such as doing a co-op or an internship which involves taking a class.  Experienced Based Learning is a practical work experience that is academic, career oriented, and appealing.  Interested students will need to seek out a business or organization and request a short term work experience related to career plans.  At the conclusion of a successful work experience (113 hours), and the completion of a written assignment based on work responsibilities, a student will be awarded three elective credits.

The motivation to enroll in this program would be the desire for the student to determine:  IS THIS WHAT I WANT TO DO AFTER I COMPLETE MY COLLEGE EDUCATION?

Interested students should contact Andy Freemen or Bill Sigismond. Both are located in the Career and Transfer Center, Building 3, Room 108.  Thank you.

Bill Sigismond
Experiential and Adult Learning