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EBS-RMSCO Working on a Problem with Automatic Claims Transfer

EBS-RMSCO (EBS) and Excellus Health Plan (EHP) were recently made aware of an issue with automatic transfer of Flexible Spending claims from EHP to EBS.  This is affecting many, but not all ACT claims from 2012.  We realize that this issue has a direct impact on your ability to receive reimbursement for Flexible Spending expenses. 

EBS and EHP are working together to find a solution to this problem, and will identify and process all claims incurred in 2012 as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing a problem receiving your Automatic Claims Transfer reimbursements, there is no need to submit your claims manually; but if you would prefer to submit them manually, EBS will manage the duplicate claim checking process once they have resolved the problem. 

At this point EBS and Excellus have expressed that they understand the level of frustration our employees are experiencing, and they want to assure us that all available resources are being devoted to this issue in an effort to resolve it as quickly as possible. 

Human Resources Team
Human Resources