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Celebrate Fall with a Bike Ride

Last week the weather was not very conducive to bicycle riding. This week, the forecast looks much more promising so you can join the MCC Bicycle Club this Wednesday, October 9 at 11:30 for a ride over to RIT and back. The route will be all flat but not all paved. We'll take a route that will keep you out of traffic; no riding on the roads! (We will cross roads but we won't be riding on any) If you have time, grab a bite to eat at RIT's Park Point. The rest of us will be turning around and taking the same route back to MCC. Round trip will be just under 10 miles. Meet us at the PACE bicycle rack outside of building 19. No bike? Use a PACE bike. See you Wednesday at 11:30!

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Kevin Simmons
Communications and Network Services