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Be a Media Expert and/or a Mentor

About five years ago, the Public Affairs Office developed a Media Experts Guide to help local and national media connect with subject experts at Monroe Community College.  Over the last few months we have upgraded the guide, making it more user-friendly for media. Reporters and editors can now search the database by keyword and get a fuller picture of an expert’s experience. Faculty who serve as expert resources for the media help the College position itself as a place of great teachers and teaching.

As the Public Affairs Office was working with Computing Services to upgrade the database, the Student Services Staff Development Committee was working to develop a database for connecting MCC employee mentors with mentees. It didn’t take much discussion to realize that the information needed for both projects is similar. So, we built one database to meet two needs. The Mentoring Project will offer the opportunity for people seeking a mentor to browse the database and select someone who is willing to be a mentor based upon his/her area of expertise and strengths.

We now invite you to consider becoming part of the Media Experts Guide and/or the Mentoring Project. The process is very simple: If you'd like to be part of the Media Experts Guide, go to <<>>. If you'd like to be part of the Mentoring Project, go to <<>> .
You may use either link if you would like to be a mentor and an expert. Fill out the form and click “submit.” We’ll take it from there.

If you have any questions on the Mentoring Project, please contact Susan Baker, assistant to the vice president for student services, at ext. 2124. Please direct questions on the Media Experts Guide to Cynthia Cooper, director of public affairs, at ext. 3022.

P.S. If you are already in the database and would like to change your information, please contact us. Do not submit changes via the submission form. Thank you.

Susan Baker and Cynthia Cooper
Student Services and Public Affairs