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Technology Updates Coming this Summer

ETS will be busy this summer improving and updating technology throughout the College.  Please note some of the planned activities listed below that may impact your work and/or teaching.

- 25 rooms at Brighton and ATC will be upgraded with new Extron control panels

- 4 lecture hall projectors will be upgraded to higher lumen projectors (11-310, 306, 12-225, 229)

- 3 rooms in Building 6 will be upgraded/converted to technology enhanced classrooms

- 23 technology enhanced classrooms in Building 9 will be upgraded/converted

- Several new technology enhanced classrooms will be added to DCC and document cameras will be installed

- Every classroom will be tested for 100% functionality

- 500 new computers will be upgraded in Labs throughout the Brighton and DCC campuses with Windows 7 Operating System and Microsoft Office 2010 installed.   All existing Labs, Electronic Learning Center (ELCs), and Smart Classrooms will be upgraded to Office 2010 for the start of the fall 2011 semester.  If you are not familiar with Windows 7 and/or Office 2010, ETS offers the following:

1) Call the Call Center. 

2) For specialized Microsoft Office 2010 training options, reference the March Tribune article:,gibson

3) Techno Nuggets (Technology Week Training June 16 at Damon City Campus and June 21-23 at Brighton Campus) will include Windows 7 and Office 2010 overviews; watch for more details in the Tribune and sign up early! 

4) Manuals for Office 2010 are available online (M:\MCC\Digital Resources\EZRef\Microsoft Office 2010) and in book form through the Call Center.

Technology Call Center (Help Desk)     
On Campus:   ext. 4357 (HELP)
Off Campus:  292-2000 - ask for the Call Center or Help Desk

ETS Communications
Educational Technology Services