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SUNY Offering Ongoing Free Mental Health Crisis Training

Dear colleagues,

As you’re likely aware, the pandemic has exacerbated mental health struggles among students across the nation, including at our own SUNY campuses. A startling one in four people aged 18-24 contemplated suicide in June of 2020, as compared to one in 10 in 2018—this is a problem that demands our urgent attention and immediate action.

Serving as faculty and staff at a SUNY school, you are likely in regular contact with students — if so, we are asking you to be part of the solution. SUNY is offering free QPR mental health crisis intervention training, which teaches you three simple steps for responding when someone mentions suicidal thoughts or shares that they are struggling with suicidal ideation: Question, Persuade, Refer.

This training takes less than an hour, and could ultimately save a life. As a SUNY employee, you are able to enroll in the training program for free, and will also be awarded a two-year certification.

Just like CPR, QPR is meant to save lives by teaching us all how to respond in those critical moments of crisis.

Here’s how to sign up:

  1. Go to the QPR account page.
  2. Enter “SUNY” in the “Organization Code” field.
  3. Create your free training account using your MCC email address.
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the training.

We know how difficult the past ~18 months have been for everyone — it has been especially challenging for our students, and they need our help. Please consider signing up for the QPR training and helping us in our mission to let our students know their mental health and wellbeing is top priority.


MCC Counseling Center & Disability Services Team &

Morgan Kennell
Counseling Center & Disability Services