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Faculty Senate Leadership Change

During the March 2nd meeting of the Faculty Senate, Mark Ernsthausen tendered his resignation as president.  As per the Faculty Senate Bylaws, Article X, Section 7A, Vice President Mitch Redlo assumed the office and all associated duties of president, effective immediately, and extending through the end of the current term of office, which will end August 30, 2017. 

The vacancy in the office of vice president triggers Article X, Section 7B of the Faculty Senate Bylaws.  The first order of business at the March 16th Faculty Senate meeting will be the election of a new vice president, whose term will extend from that date through August 30, 2017.  A call for nominations and the procedure for this election will be outlined in a separate Daily Tribune posting.

It is important to note that Professor Ernsthausen’s resignation was taken on his own accord, for reasons known only to him.  While the Faculty Senate Executive Committee (EC) members had no foreknowledge this action would be taken, Professor Ernsthausen had the complete confidence and full support of the E.C., both prior to, and at the moment of his resignation as president. That the business of the Senate will move forward uninterrupted is evidence of his hard work and leadership. 

Additionally, on behalf of the Faculty Senate and the MCC community, the members of the Executive Committee wish to express their sincere appreciation for Mark’s dedication and service to the Faculty Senate, both in his role as president, and in all other ways that he has worked to serve and sustain the institution of the Senate, and the College. 

Michael A. Heel
Chair, Faculty Senate Nominations, Elections, and Governance Committee (NEG)