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State Budget Deliberations in the Home Stretch

We are entering the final weeks before the anticipated passage of a state budget. Assistant to the President Cynthia Cooper and I — along with students — are meeting with state legislators to present our case for Monroe Community College. Your voice can help.

In the fiscal year that begins April 1, 2009, Governor Paterson is proposing a 10 percent cut to base aid for community colleges, to be distributed based on the size of the institution. Larger colleges, like MCC, would see larger per-student cuts. If enacted, state support for MCC may be reduced by 11%, or more than $4 million.

A letter to your legislators will send a message that New Yorkers believe that community colleges are one of the state’s economic engines and should be part of the strategy to strengthen our financial future. SUNY has developed an advocacy web site to facilitate letters to legislators and provide up-to-date information on budget deliberations. If you like, please feel free to use it to communicate with your legislators*:

If you would prefer to send a more personalized letter or to call your legislator, the College and Community Relations Office can assist you in identifying your legislator and his/her contact information. The College and Community Relations Office also has developed a one-page backgrounder further describing the issues and the rationale for support. They can be reached at <"">

*Please note that SUNY policy and state regulations prohibit the use of public resources for lobbying. Any legislative advocacy you undertake should be done on non-MCC time and using non-MCC computers or resources.

Larry W. Tyree
Interim President